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Newsletter - September 2009


(604) 729-6454

Head Office Canada
BF Technic Arts Ltd.
227 - 1555 W 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC Canada
V6J 1S1

Tel.: (604) 729-6454
Fax: (866) 379-4744
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BF Technic Arts
21 Route de Kerangaro
29950 Clohars-Fouesnant

Tel.: 02 44 68 38 58
Cell.: 06 06 50 82 01
Fax: 02 44 68 31 42
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- Celebrate 7 Years of Business
- Domain Name Registration Scam
- New Product: Blooming Paper
- Reward Program News


At BF Technic Arts, we want to thank our customers for their business over the last 7 years.
Since 2002, we have been providing you with products and services that matched and hopefully exceeded your needs.

We will continue developing new products for the upcoming years. Here is what is coming
next at BF Technic Arts:

- 100% Recycled Blooming Paper - A Paper That Grows!!
- New Reward Program Partners
- Special Event Items:
. Napkin Rings: full colour offset, single or double-sided, 14pt card stock (quantity: 25 or more)
. Menus: full colour offset, double-sided, 4"x6" folded (8"x6" flat), 14pt card stock (quantity: 25 or more)
- A New Branch in Europe since January 2009


Most of our Canadian customers have been contacting us regarding a letter that came in their mail. This letter usually arrives a few months before the renewal of their domain name (about 6 months in advance). The lettre is enclosed in a light brown craft envelope with a red maple leaf in the top left corner, similar to letters from the Federal government.

This one is a scam, though. It is mailed by a company that requests you to transfer and renew your domain name through them. Their annual charge is unbelievably high compared to the major registrars, and most of their domain name management tools are either optional or not available.

So why do people renew their domain names through them? Their company name (Domain Registry of Canada), as well as the content of the letter are made to look similar to Federal government correspondance, and the letter makes it appear that the company is the authority that manages all dot CA domain names registered in Canada. Furthermore, they will not hesitate to mail correspondance regarding a dot COM domain.

Please note that the authority in Canada for dot CA domains is called CIRA, and the authority for dot COM domains is UCAN. These authorities will not mail you for domain name renewal purposes. They actually do not directly sale domain names.

Should you receive one of these letters in a craft envelope, please throw it away. You will normally receive a notice by e-mail from your current registrar about three months before your domain name registration expires, and you will get a few more notices the closer you get to the renewal date.


BF Technic Arts is launching a new 100% recycled paper stock, but it's not only just another environmentally friendly or "green" paper. This paper can grow and sometime blooms!

How is this possible?
Seeds have been embedded into the paper during the production process. When planted and watered, the paper biodegrades and the seeds are left to germinate into a garden of growth. Independent seed testing labs confirm that "these things really grow!" Your cards will be printed in full colour on our white seeded paper.

This is a great paper for invitations, weddings, baby announcements, "green" business events, etc.


You may have received a statement showing your B-Points balance at the end of August.

You can redeem your B-Points at any time, and please make sure that they are not about to expire.

- Redeem B-Points for a gift certificate, for yourself, a customer, or a friend:
$10 Gift Certificate = 2,000 B-Points
$25 Gift Certificate = 5,000 B-Points
$50 Gift Certificate = 10,000 B-Points
$100 Gift Certificate = 20,000 B-Points

- Redeem B-Points for printed products from our catalogue, for yourself or for a company that you are working with:
100 single-sided full colour offset business cards on 14pt card stock = 5,000 B-Points
1000 double-sided full colour offset business cards on 14pt card stock = 14,750 B-Points
100 single-sided 4"x6" full colour offset greeting cards on 14pt card stock = 20,000 B-Points
1000 double-sided full colour offset rack-cards on 14pt card stock = 42,500 B-Points
As usual, printing and graphic design are both included

- Redeem B-Points for an authentic Laguiole knife, from 37,500 B-Points (see left column).
For more info about Laguiole knives, please visit www.laguiole-passion.com

Please contact us for our full reward list.

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